Elephant rides and wild jungle treks in Khao Lak are like no other!

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The area around Khao Lak is rich in nature, with extensive rainforest. There are many optional tours available to join from Phuket Island. There are also elephant rides through the jungle, canoeing and rafting.

I took an optional tour that included an elephant ride and jungle trekking. The Jungle Trekking Tour had a handcrafted feel to it and was a bit scary at times. It was a wild and different tour with a lot of wildness and a very fresh and fun experience.

Elephant Ride Experience

I stayed at a hotel in Khao Lak and took the tour. I will be picked up at the hotel around 8am. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the place for elephant riding by car.

There are dozens of elephants and it’s a large facility. I will ride the elephant with the assistance of the staff in charge. It’s quite high when I ride the elephant from the top of the platform.

It’s quite stable as it rides on a chair set up on top of the elephant. The elephant swings a lot as it walks, but it was quite comfortable as it was a terrible ride when I rode directly behind its head before.

I will walk slowly along the mountain path with a sense of freedom. The line of sight is high, so I can see the surrounding landscape from a different perspective. There was a prank where the staff deliberately took a path that hit the branches of a tree.

Along the way, the staff made grasshoppers out of grass. It was a quick job, but it’s pretty good quality. He was a simple and cool-looking brother.

After the elephant ride, I will be allowed to feed the elephants. The power of the elephant’s nose is so strong that it takes the banana with it as if it were being wrenched away. It’s hard to say goodbye when I look into the kind eyes of the elephant that gave me a ride.

Jungle Trekking

After the elephant ride, we will go jungle trekking. We drive deep into the jungle. The exact location is in the mountains, so of course we don’t know. Once we get out of the car, the trek begins. It takes we through a narrow mountain path into the jungle. It’s a serious trek with some of the paths and places close to the animal trail.

I’ve been to Phuket many times, but this is my first time in the jungle. The vegetation is completely different and I don’t know the names of all the plants.

I continue through the jungle and down a steep slope. Use a rope or wooden ladder for particularly steep places. It has a handmade feel to it, and it’s a thrill.

A rest stop is also set up to take a break along the way. The humidity is so high that it makes you sweat.

As we were taking a break, a European woman on the tour with us was making a lot of noise. When I look at it, her feet are covered in blood. The leeches seemed to have gotten on her feet while she was walking up the mountain, and several of them were sucking on her feet. Our guide lit a cigarette and dropped a leech with a smile on his face. The woman looks pale and unwell.

I suddenly got curious and checked my foot. What a bloody mess my foot was. There were two leeches on it. But it doesn’t hurt at all. I don’t notice this.

Further on, we came to a waterfall at the end. There was a staff member who resembled the famous Japanese comedian, Kanpei, but he was quite mischievous. The place where the waterfall is located is at the top of a pretty steep slope, but as he climbed, he said, “I’m here!” It will appeal to me. When I tell him it’s too dangerous to do so, he happily climbs up more and more. At the end, they went into the waterfall and waved to me.


I really enjoyed the elephant ride in Khao Lak, which was long enough to give me a ride, and the location was great as they walked me through the mountains. I got to interact with the elephants more than any other place.

Jungle trekking takes me into the real jungle. It was a thrilling and different experience. But the leeches were a bit of a bore. I would recommend you to bring your own equipment.

After the tour, we were waiting for our car to return home when suddenly a squall came down. We were allowed to take shelter from the rain at a nearby house, and the man who lived there graciously allowed us to take shelter from the rain. “Would you like some chips? “,He welcomed us. When we said goodbye, he sent us off with a beautiful smile, as expected of the Land of Smiles.

You can enjoy a different kind of authentic trekking in Khao Lak.

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